"Charlie Reasner at dance a competition."
"Presentation of Colors"
"Dance Professionals David and Jennie"
"DAYL Founder Mary Ebersole dancing with veterans."

NOVEMBER 10th, 2017
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     Dance All Your Life is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of enhancing lives of various populations by empowering the strength and beauty to shine from within through ballroom dancing. Lessons in ballroom dancing are provided through the organization’s collaboration with experienced instructors who are professionally trained to instruct in physical coordination, emotional well-being, and mental alertness.
     The lessons are most often conducted at a local studio in a positive atmosphere that fosters encouragement and socialization for people of diverse populations, with particular focus upon US Military injured veterans. Other populations include, but are not limited to, high school-aged youth and senior adults. Special events are conducted for promoting ballroom dancing as a means of developing emotional confidence and physical health in an environment of mutual respect for people of any diversity.


    Donations provide injured U.S. Veterans ballroom dance lessons to encourage their continued life-long recovery through dance in the memory and legacy of avid supporter Charlie Reasner, who respected ballroom dancing as an avenue of physical, emotional, and mental health.


     DAYL views US Military members as individuals who have generously offered their complete dedication for our country’s freedom, some having sacrificed physical health and emotional well-being for our country. As supporting Americans, we hope to support our veterans with every available venue.
     DAYL would like to keep these individuals visible and up-front as a priority at all times, not just on special days. DAYL supports veterans through offering means for continuing mental and physical health through the movement, coordination, mental challenges, and socialization found in ballroom dancing. Such skills are essential for transitioning back into civilian society. We need to treat them like the heroes that they are with all the support we can offer. Ballroom dancing provides an array of skills that assist in this progression toward a healthy transition.